Introduction by the President of PANLAR

Dr. Carlo Vinicio Caballero
Dr. Carlo Vinicio Caballero

Dear colleagues and friends,

With great delight and pleasure, the Pan-American League of Rheumatology Associations (PANLAR), presents the II PANLAR Biosimilars Review Course as one of several events from the new PANLAR Courses and Conferences unit. This Review Course will take place alternately with the PANLAR conference and will thus share the stage. It will be held in the second half of each odd year, with the PANLAR-ACCAR Course, planned for the first half of the same year.

Bearing in mind that ongoing education is one of our priorities, and wishing to be the principle provider of Education and Science, of standards of practice and benchmarks for Rheumatology in Latin America, we have decided to extend our offer of opportunities for knowledge because it is our belief that events are powerful tools to provide and convey knowledge to all corners of the Americas.

We held our first successful Review Course in Barranquilla, Colombia in 2015 and now we are undertaking a second, specialising in Biosimilars, a controversial burning issue, of growing importance. It is the right moment for the Americas to issue recommendations on this subject, since legislation is becoming increasingly detailed and medicines are available in most countries. This means that rheumatologists will have to prescribe Biosimilars and patients will begin to take them one way or another. It is therefore important for PANLAR to take a stance on them in keeping with our purpose: to set service standards throughout the Americas. This is how we intend to continue to project ourselves professionally by promoting academic and scientific excellence– and serving our public in the hands of specialist doctors.

The aim of the Course is to educate rheumatologists and improve their knowledge of Biosimilars, their availability, copies, how to use them, the management of their life cycles, their measurement, applications, impact, regulation, etc.

The PANLAR Executive Committee acknowledges the high level of professionalism, commitment, selfless devotion and collaboration that characterise the Peru Rheumatology Society. They are not only our hosts, they are also beginning a tradition in which we hope to count on the participation of countries and cities from across the Americas.

To all our colleagues on the Local Organising Committee we extend our most sincere gratitude, since it is through their hard work, skill and effort that a successful outcome to such an ambitious project can be achieved. Likewise, we are sure that Lima, Peru, in September next year will be an extraordinary place to learn, share and enjoy.

We are committed and determined to offer and provide a great experience and we intend to make sure that in addition to knowledge, exchanges and camaraderie, each and every one of you experiences moments worthy of PANLAR’s identity and seal.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Carlo Vinicio Caballero Uribe
PANLAR President