Expert Panel: Panlar Consensus on Biosimilars

With regard to the Expert Panel: To ensure statistically meaningful results, it has been decided that the expert panel should comprise a minimum of 30 professionals, distributed as follows:

  • 21 representatives from PANLAR member associations.
  • 2 additional representatives for each of the 4 PANLAR regions, totalling 8 professionals.
  • 3 PANLAR representatives chosen by the scientific consensus committee.
  • Responsibility: To analyse the responses to the research questions and deliver a result in accordance with their expertise and knowledge of the subject in question..

Procedure for the selection of the members of the panel:

  • Each PANLAR association member should put forward 3 candidates who will be assessed by the scientific committee according to the following criteria:
Clinical experience in the use of biological medicines. The nominee must have used the biological medicine alternatives available in their country for the rheumatic conditions they are indicated for over a period of at least 5 years.
Rheumatology research The nominee must have produced scientific publications on clinical, epidemiological or basic scientific research related to rheumatology and preferably related to medicines of biological origin.
Participation in teaching or academic events The nominee must have taken part as a teacher or been associated with teaching or research at a university or public or private educational establishment within the last 10 years, or in national or international academic forums (dissertation, symposium, round-table) on the subject of biosimilars.

Please send the candidates’ CV and the conflict of interest form within 10 days of receipt of the invitation, the information is to be sent to the PANLAR administration office An email copy should also be sent to Paula Andrea Beltrán,, who will compile the information for forwarding to the scientific committee for their consideration.

Selection of the representative members from the 4 PANLAR regions: Each region will put forward 2 candidates following the same steps for the submission of CVs and conflict of interest forms, as described above.

The committee will decide on the final group that will make up the expert panel from an analysis of all the candidates, their CVs and the conclusions drawn from studying the conflict of interest forms. The committee will notify the PANLAR office for subsequent publication.

We are hoping that this procedure will by successful and that the results obtained will contribute to the creation of new treatment options and ultimately lead to improvements in the quality of life of our patients and their families.