Press Release: Panlar Consensus on Biosimilars

Meeting of delegates during the II Review Course in Rheumatology – PANLAR


With great enthusiasm, the consensus meeting on Biosimilars took place within the framework of the II Review Course in Rheumatology – PANLAR.

The PANLAR Consensus Meeting on the use of Biosimilars was composed of an expert panel nominated by respective associations and elected accordingly to predefined criteria.

It took place on September 8, 2017 in Lima, Peru. Delegates of 19 countries participated actively in the scheduled discussions and presented the relevant topics for the region, based on the specific needs of each country. The results of the first round of questions were reviewed. It included 22 questions organized in themes of importance for the construction of PANLAR position on the use of Biosimilars. Applying the modified Delphi methodology, the information related to Biosimilars use in Rheumatology was analyzed and structured in the following areas:

  • Safety and efficacy
  • Interchangeability and substitution
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Regulatory aspects
  • Pharmacoeconomic aspects

The panel members reviewed the scientific literature related to Biosimilars applying a comprehensive search in the databases of medical publications. Over 200 references were selected to obtain the best information available for discussions on the defined themes.

Considering regulatory differences and experience of countries with large use of biological therapies, each delegate presented the current problems related to biosimilars use in his/her country. Important issues were listed to be addressed by the panel and the scope of the recommendations were established. Therefore, the PANLAR Consensus on the use of Biosimilars will be a guide to ensure safety and efficacy.

Under the motto “We all are PANLAR” and its philosophy of transparency, excellence, and education, the participation of all delegates became much easier, enabling them to identify the needs and requirements to reach a consensus on the most relevant aspects in such an important and current theme for healthcare systems.

Finally, it was agreed upon the themes that the same methodology will be applied to obtain in upcoming weeks the adequate recommendations on the use of biosimilars, ensuring a safe environment for patients and clinicians of Americas.